5 Reasons why Sunshine Village is the Best

It’s no secret that I really love the Sunshine Ski Resort. It’s definitely my favourite place in the Albertan rockies. Here are five reasons why it’s my favourite, in no particular order.

1. No Artificial Snow

Throughout the ski season Sunshine makes absolutely no snow with snowmakers. It’s all natural from the sky! That’s why I love skiing there so much! The snow is, in my opinion, so much better than other resorts in the area because of this. So if you’re looking for some natural snow, and good skiing or snowboarding check out Sunshine Village anytime from November-May. There are great places to go for any level of skier or snowboarder.

2. Slush Cup

To celebrate an amazing ski season Sunshine hosts a crazy event annually over May long weekend. This is called the Slush Cup. People dress up in costumes, and attempt to ski over a pool filled with water. It’s a lot of fun to watch people attempt, as well as to just enjoy the spring skiing atmosphere which includes plenty of alcohol, laughter and goggle tans. ¬†A video of the highlights from the 2014 slush cup.

3. Delirium Dive

Delirium dive is my favourite place in the entire resort. It’s a lazy backcountry skier’s haven. At the top of the chairlift called The Great Divide there’s a gate which only opens if you have a avalanche beacon turned on. In order to enter you not only need a beacon, but also a shovel, probe and partner. Inside this freeride zone the snow is amazing! You can find stashes of powder any day, and if you’re brave enough there are lots of cliffs and drops to attempt. If you do decide to enter Delirium Dive be safe!

4. Summer Hiking

In the summer, the ski resort transforms into a beautiful hiking area called Sunshine Meadows. Throughout the summer it is filled with wildflowers, and is an amazing place for an easy or difficult hike depending on your preferences! You may even spot some wildlife. If you decide to go hiking here make sure to be safe, hike with a partner, and maybe even bring some bear spray!

5. Company Culture

I personally find the company culture at Sunshine Village so positive! I have never met an employee that is unfriendly, and they are always available for help. Many of the employees are from countries like New Zealand, Australia and the UK, so it’s nice to meet people from different cultures. Sunshine also always has some kind of fun event or promotion going on, which I find amazing.

These five reasons are barely delving into why I love Sunshine Village so much. I would highly recommend  visiting here, and enjoying all these things that I mentioned!



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